Fashion Statements


Israeli and Palestinian hopefuls have been taking part in a beauty pageant meant to bridge the Middle East divide.

It is the second year the Miss Seamline contest has taken place, but the first time with Palestinian contestants. All eight last year dropped out after receiving death threats from militant organisations.

“Of course I entered the contest hoping to be crowned the winner,” said one Palestinian contestant. “What I won tonight was that our [Jewish] neighbours have become our friends,” said a fellow hopeful.

Palestinian Shira Marie Farah, 17, was declared the winner following the parade of evening dresses and swimsuits.

Despite the themes of peace and harmony, critics of the contest pointed out that it was being held in Gilo, on Israeli-occupied land in East Jerusalem.

Like Anoush (see Page 5) the other two Palestinian contestants were from the Arab Christian community, which does not impose such strict dress codes for women as Muslims – or religious Jews.

Here’s what I’m thinking as I madly slap my forehead: when the Nazis invaded and occupied Poland did they all get together and put on a fashion show in one of the concentration camps? In short, what the hell is wrong with some people?!


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