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Talking To Strangers

I recently managed to get an article on Jordan Planet and Jordanian Bloggers in JO Magazine. I thought this would be a good way to get some exposure to a certain type of demographic in Jordan.

Now with the apologies. My apologies to anyone mentioned in the article. I had to play around with certain words and events to make it look good because in the end that’s what it was all about, making us all look good. So my apologies to anyone who believes they were portrayed negativley; I tried my best.

I uploaded the pages mainly for those who are unable to buy it. So if you live in Jordan you better buy it! Besides, the quality of the scan is not that great.

UPDATE: You can see better quality scans by clicking here!

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  • A Piaster for my thoughts..
    Its bizarre that a “piaster” is mentioned. It is just a coin, with two faces of course.. usually used in metaphors and pilosophical revelations.. Heads or Tails.. one might see it as clear contradictions, more of oppositions.. i see it as a completion for one another.. In life, one feels obliged to take a side.. either black or white, summer or winter, water or fire..etc.
    However, two kinds of people exist about this matter:
    A kind who sees the glass as full when it is half full..These people realize whether they are fulfilled or incomplete by their perceptive views. Let’s say they are the Heads..
    The other kind that cant but see an empty glass..These people climb a wooden ladder and with every step, they look down and never up..Tails..
    Now we can ask one which kind he is directly and thus, if interested to know as most of the time one isnt, decide whether he is Heads or Tails..but isnt it true that a question is like a knife that slices through the stage backdrop and gives us a look at what lies behind it? and isnt it the reason why people are not “always” into questions?
    It was at school years ago, that we’ve learnt the concept of probabilities.. The most interesting and easiest example was the flipping of a coin..everytime you’d flip it, a probability of 50% is that you’d get Heads (in our case the favourable one) and another 50 for Tails..which leaves me no choice but to let my questions be answered by probabilities..

Your Two Piasters: