Marvin The Depressed Robot

If you haven’t checked out the movie adaptation of the hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy by now, ask yourself what you’ve been doing in your life that’s been so important these last few weeks?

Although the book is better (only nerds say that, I know) I still thought Marvin the depressed robot was hilarious. Alan Rickman does the voice, this guy always sounds depressed anyways so I guess it was a good match.

Check it out…I bought a copy from the great streets of Amman for 1 JD…welcome to the planet Earth.

Speaking of the streets of Amman, they make me paranoid. Every time I see workers cleaning them, planting, watering, painting…I know something is up. When the water fountains on some of the major circles start working then the paranoia jumps a notch and you just know someone important is in the country. They don’t turn the water on in this country unless someone worthy is coming. Martians perhaps. The level of paranoia is only heightened when the citizens awake to find major circles “encircled” by military personnel including a tank or two. I am not sure about the message the government is sending out. It’s obviously a message of security and what not, but sometimes I think we put all this stuff on display simply to show the visitors of the nations that gave them to us that we are actually using them. Like a sweater your grandmother gave you which you really hate but put it on when she comes to visit to say hey, I’m wearin it, I’m lovin it.

Another observation for the hell of it…Jordan has the best weather in the world full stop.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is insane

or like Marvin…in a highly depressive state of mind.

Your Two Piasters: