I have not blogged in what feels like ages. To be literal about it, the last time I blogged I was 21.

One month (and then some) in Amman and things seems to be falling in to their natural state. Mind you this is the first vacation I’ve had since 2002 so this is the Summer of Nas and hopefully it wont end the same way the Summer of Sam or Summer of George did.

What is there to do in Amman?

Number of Tarneeb games played: 10
Number of Trix games played: 4
Number of Snooker games played: 6
Number of Bowling games played: 2
Number of Movies watched: 9
Number of Falafal Sandwiches consumed: Unknown
Number of Shawarma Sandwiches consumed: 4

So as you can all see from these results…I am far too behind on Shawarma consumption…something will have to be done about that.

I did see some good movies however…

Mr & Mrs Smith kicks arse, so if you’re looking for something lively, action and a good deal of tounge in cheek humor from mr. pitt, then this is your movie.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith was excellent. Everything a Star Wars fan would want in terms of resolution and conclusion.

Madagascar, the animated feature with Ben Stiller and Chris Rock was pretty funny. Very artistic approach I must say for animation…something out of a 1930’s comic book or perhaps a hyrogliphic wall in ancient Egypt.

I watched the Boondock Saints with Deeb last night, a somewhat artsy independent film thats gained some cult status. It’s pretty damn good I have to say; worth checking out.

Now that I’ve spared you all from long winded movie reviews, on to more important issues.

This is my summer away from politics and the likes of it, so I have avoided watching the news and surfing the net for rare and relativly unknown stories to offer my critique on. Though I read the paper everyday, and I am observant. When you are disconnected from the world news feed your forced to think for yourself and it’s very scary. This must be what an illiterate must feel like. No offense to anyone reading…or not.

Amman is a city where you can hardly come up for air and theres a feeling of constant drowning. The streets are filled with cars, more than it can handle. And while the government has bridges and tunnels being constructed everywhere and soon to open for the summer jam, Amman is being populated by visitors at a much faster rate. So to summarize…traffic is a bitch. So are the petrol prices. Cruising in a car is something I must cut back on.

A construction site is up and going on almost every street I see. Everyday there’s news of a new project being built here or there, and people scurrying to buy land just to beat the inflation.

I read an article, which I am unwilling to search for on such a slow connection, about parliament members recieving BMWs and Muslim Brotherhood members refusing to accept them. Well…nuff said.

Corruption still exists in a solid state of matter, but it’s decreasing, I’d be a liar to say otherwise. We’ve downgraded from Porches to BMWs and thats a giant leap for anyone.

People however are still crazy and unorganized. A few weeks ago I want to get a car lisence in Marka and the old feeling of entering a vegetable souk was replaced with something well organised. They even give you a ticket, and you get to sit on leather seats until they call your name. You can probably finish your thing in about 15 minutes tops. It’s even got aircondition! But the people…sigh…the people slow down the system. You even have employees screaming into microphones for the citizens to step back, take a number, take a seat, settle down, clear the halls. sigh

As for me…

A lot of things are on the horizon. A Wadi Rum/Aquba trip in the coming days is in the making; many pictures will be taken.

A visit to Kerak is also in the making. Relatives and farmland, possibly a visit to a well known Castle.

The weather is awesome. A little hot but as long as there’s some cool winds it feels alright.

I’ve managed to avoid Starbucks and Blue Fig thusfar, very proud of that fact for some reason.

Cigerette smoke is a alien to my body and coming into contact with a populace of a smoking majority is an experience on its own.

I’ve also concluded that every Taxi Driver in Amman should have a blog.

I remember a post with all the things I wanted to do here, again, I’m too lazy to dig, but I’m sure I’ve done a few of those things so far.

The Sidebar on my blog needs changing.

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