The Kite Runner

I just finished reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, viagra cialis and I must admit it was rather sunburst graphic quite the literary delight. The book is essentially a story about a man reliving a past life in a past Afghanistan. He is haunted by old ghosts, viagra order betrayals and lies that suddenly reappear in his new life in America, in the form of a telephone call; offering him a chance at redemption; “a way to be good again”.

Many interesting themes and characters in the novel which Hosseni writes about very well. He is completely immersed in a first person narrative that nothing slips by without it being an opinion, or a perspective from the eyes of the main character: Amir. Everything is seen through his eyes, every emotion is felt by his heart, even when that emotion belongs to someone else. It is a very natural narrative that a reader can easily feel connected with because this is how we are as human beings; relating to others based on our own experiences, our own views and emotions.

The themes of Afghanistan and Islam are very perspective driven themes, but Hosseini makes no false assumptions; Amir is not a character that knows either Afghanistan or Islam very well and does not pretend to right to the very end.

I enjoy stories that take you back in time to relive a past and then switches gears to tell a story in the present tense.

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