T-Minus 7

I had a final exam last night and had to walk back home because my bicycle has a flat tire and I’m too lazy to get another one because I figure it’s only a few more days and I won’t need it, I’ll do it when I get back in September. Of course knowing me, I will probably be forced into situations that require a lot of walking and me wishing I was on a bike.

Anyway, the walk did me good I must admit. I guess walking does help you clear your mind of any miseries or frustrations, it even remedies sorrow or at least alleviates it. This isn’t always true though, when something is bother you so much sometimes you’ll spend a whole hour walking and mumbling about it growing more and more frustrated by the minute.

Well I’m at T-Minus 7 days right now. 1 week left. 1 exam left. 1 can of redbull left. Correction, 0 cans of redbull left as of 5 minutes ago. Hopefully this week will pass as quickly as this month and by next Wednesday at zero hour I will be holding by luggage, passport, ticket and what little is left of my sanity.

Canada can be extraordinarily beautiful sometimes. There are more clouds here than in Jordan, but I think most of it might be smog or pollution. Which also explains why Jordan has more stars. Or maybe Jordanians can’t afford leaving the lights on all night.

Anywho, I took some pictures on the walk home which I thought were neat. I’m still fooling around with this camera so bare with me. Though I do love airplane trails over a jaded sky.

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