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Amman welcomes Israeli release of 9 Jordanians
Published April 17, medical prostate 2005

AMMAN, there Jordan — The Jordanian government Sunday welcomed an Israeli Cabinet decision to release nine Jordanian prisoners, but vowed to continue efforts to free the rest.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Rajab al-Sukeiri told United Press International his government “welcomes the decision, but we will continue to push for releasing all Jordanian detainees in Israeli jails.”

The Israeli cabinet was told Sunday that Jordan asked for the release of 18 security prisoners. Eight of them were involved in killing Israelis, so the government does not want to release them. One served less that a quarter of his sentence, so he does not qualify either, an official said.

One of the nine Israel is willing to free is a Palestinian with Jordanian citizenship. He completed his sentence, but does not want to return to Jordan, instead preferring to remain in an Israeli jail, the cabinet was told.

Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom told the ministers ties with Jordan are “deep, strategic.” Jordan is “determined ” on the issue of terrorism and a “gesture” is called for, he said.

The prisoners may be released Wednesday

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