Leap of Faith

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I highly recommend this book which I read 2 years ago and it has just been released a few weeks ago in Paperback.

Her Majesty is one of the most remarkable people in the world, and a great intellectual and role model for all Jordanians to aspire to. In the book she traces not only on her past life up to the point of meeting HM King Huseein (God rest his soul), but also an alternate perspective to modern middle eastern history; a behind the scenes look, which is very refreshing from the massive amount of misinformation, especially in the west. At the heart of the book is Her Majesty’s love affair with Jordan.

Her Majesty, Queen Noor is interviewed by CNN talk show host Larry King during the CNN program ‘Larry King Live’ at the CNN studios in Los Angeles, April 13, 2005. Queen Noor, born in the United States, wed the late King Hussein of Jordan in 1978, and became Queen. She discussed her life with her late husband and his work to bring peace to the Middle East

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