Categorical Imperative

Well it took me awhile and plenty of putting off studying, but I managed to put categories in my sidebar. I wondered why Blogger didn’t offer it but I guess if you wan’t something done, you’ve got to do it yourself. I did a few searches and found this to be one of the best methods out there. Using the Pico Search Engine, all the posts (their permalinks) are published and indexed by Pico. Then all you need is a form listing the categories you want, and upon writing a post you type somewhere “posted in:”. It’s really quite simple, though everytime I have to post I also have to reindex with Pico, which is not a big concern because I’ve put the link on the bookmark toolbar so it’s just a two-click process and pretty quick too.

I also put in a search bar. This is actually more for me. Everytime I want to make a reference to another post I have to go digging and considering I’ve only been blogging for merely two months, it drives me crazy. I figured I should install these add-ons now before the forest gets thick and finding a post would become a needle in a haystack hunt.

I am thinking of moving to Movable Type i.e. “the dark side of the force”, but it will have to wait till September or at the earliest sometime during the summer, as I will be in Jordan for over 4 months and I’m guessing it will take a lot of dail-up time; a phone bill my parents will not be looking forward to paying. I got the software for free from a friend, but for now: blogger.

Anyways, “back” to studying for finals.

p.s. to you political scientists: i bet the title of this post gave you chills. kant deja vu perhaps? your essay is due on tuesday! [insert evil laughter]*

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