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In addition to last month’s post on a Jewish plot to Conquer the Haram Al-Sharif, 2 Jews were arressted today in Juresulem for planting “fake bombs” and an unreleased note. This comes a few days before the set date of which the Jewish group Revava has threatened to go ahead with ascending 10,000 Jews to the Islamic holy site this Sunday, April 10th. Israeli police have closed off the area from access by non-muslims however Revava leader Israel Cohen has threatened to defy the ban, saying:

“We will arrive in masses…and we will in any case try to enter”

This has recieved little media coverage if it all, other than some news sources on the Internet, including the side-bar obscure article on the BBC news site. Perhaps this is because this threat is nothing new. It has been circulating around for years. Jews have been digging under the mosque for years to verify their claim that it was built on an ancient Israeli temple, despite claims by numerous worldwide historians that no such claim exists, nor has evidence emerged to prove it.

In May 2003, Israeli Interior Security Minister Tzachi Hanegbi had pushed for allowing Jews to pray inside the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, saying:

“The site will be reopened as part of an agreement (with the Palestinian authorities), but if there is no agreement, it will be done without one,”

Even the Orthodox Church condemned the act, stating:

â??The step is nothing but a provocation of the feelings of both Muslims and Christians,â? stressed the Church spokesman Archimandrite Attallah Hanna.

â??Opening the doors of Al-Aqsa mosque to Jews is immoral, and clearly demonstrates the Israeli governmentâ?? s racial practices and its attempt to Judaise the holy city,â? Hanna told Quds Press news agency.

Stressing that the cityâ??s Muslims and Christians are united in one trench, the leading clergyman threatened that any attempt to break into al-Aqsa mosque â??will be confronted.â?

Several points of interests come to mind:

– What will be the reaction of Palestinians come Sunday, should this event take place, given that the mere presensce of Ariel Sharon helped ignite the 2nd Intifada several years ago?

– What role will Jordan play, give that it is the caretaker of the holy sites (Islamic and Christian) in Jerusulem?

Another interesting note concerns the group planning the march this Sunday: Revava. On the organization’s website is an “educational” board game. It is self-described as follows:

black iris

“The game is called “Revava changing the rules of the game.” In this game Jews who are faithful to the Nation, Torah and Land are the ones who decide the rules of the game. The objective is to recruit a Reveva- 10,000 Jews who are willing to act with self sacrifice to preserve the ENTIRE Land of Israel. Each player has the opportunity to stop the State of Israel from the self-destructing. Everyone in his turn recruits more and more Jews each according to his own path to be activists for Israel.”

Interesting highlights of the Monopoly-like game include the following:

– Instead of “Community Chest” and “Chance?”, you have “Destroyers from Within” and “Land of Israel” cards.

– Israel is drawn in green on the board game’s cover, with Arab lands in yellow, a reference possibly to the Zionist establishment of a “Greater Israel” that stretches from “the Nile to the Eurpheretes”

– The game board’s block after the “Start” block reads as follows: “Sunday Demonstration outside PM’s office: You get 55 Women in Green”. The block before the “Start” reads as follows: “Your group is blocking traffic in the center of Israel: You get 1226 Revara Activists”. Also, if you “Free Jonathan Pollard: You get 45 Jews like you”.

If you can spare a minute and just vote in Revava’s online poll: “Against–The Temple Mount belongs to the Arabs. Jews have no place there”

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