Snowing in April

But Canadian Geese Don’t Mind…

There’s no where to go today. It snowed all day and then later on it melted even while the snow was still falling. But these Canadian Geese don’t seem to mind the cold at all.

To add to my Seagull story from the other day, my father said he saw yet another bird caught in the string trying to get into a birdhouse, from the back window of my basement apartment.

I decided to go out to the park, the scene of the last crime, and find that long string and get rid of it. The weather was unbelievably terrible, windy as hell and snowing with no mercy. It was one of those times when you go out and the wind is blowing in whatever direction you walk, just to spite you.

I found the string and wrapped it up. It was several meters long, covering a large area of the park. I think some kid was flying his kite around the other day. Damn kids. Anywho, the weather was terrible, but the Canadian Geese didn’t seem to mind.

The weather here can change in the blink of an eye. Just the other day the snow had all melted and the ground was covered in yellow grass and rivers of water. I found a dead squirrel last Thursday when I was coming home from class. It lay dead underneath rolling spring clouds, which as you could tell, disappeared today.

Spring in Toronto 3

Black Creek is a very small but very long creek. The Creek runs for a couple of kilometers but the point where this picture is taken is at a cool location. The land here is part of a tourist site known as Black Creek Pioneer Village where the design is that of an old Canadian village of the 1800’s where everyone that works there go around doing what they do, dressed in Victorian clothes and making bread or milking cows or doing whatever people used to do before there was the Internet…

Oh beautiful, beautiful Internet.

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