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Jordanian Prisoners in Israel, to be Released

AMMAN, Jordan – Jordan’s Foreign Ministry said Friday that Israel will release several Jordanian prisoners detained in Israeli prisons next week, a step that would crown improving ties between both countries

Jordanian officials have said more than 20 prisoners are in line to be released by Israel. Officials at Israel’s Foreign Ministry and embassy in Jordan could not confirm the claims, but Jordanian Foreign Ministry spokesman Rajab al-Sukayri said his government had been notified by Israel of imminent releases.

Al-Sukayri said the prisoners expected to be released would not include four Jordanians whom Israel has accused of direct involvement in attacks that killed Israelis.

“But we hope they (the four) will be released in the near future,” he said. He did not say how many Jordanians he expected to be freed.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Hani al-Mulqi, who visited Israel early last month, has said 25 prisoners Â? including the four involved in deadly attacks Â? would be released. [more]


I said back in early March that this should’ve been a number one priority for the foreign minister. Apparently it was talked about during that Mulqi-Israel visit a few weeks back but I’m wondering now just how high it was on the priority list. How long have these prisoners been in these jails? How many years have they been in there on mere suspicion charges?

Jordan First eh?

But what about Jordanians?

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