Jordan To Make Flying Cars?

AMMAN – Jordan is set to produce the world’s first ‘flying car’, the Associated Press reported Thursday. In a bid including 36 nations at the technology exhibition NextFest, a Jordanian manufacturing firm won the contract to produce the M400 SkyCar. A joint NASA-GM venture, the M400 needs 35 clear feet to take off but thanks to its 770 hp engine can whiz to 365 mph – cruise control kicks in at 326 mph – and climb at 6,400 feet per minute. You may hear it before you see it: it emits a rather noisy 65 dba at 500 feet. Interestingly, with a fuel consumption of 20 miles to the gallon on the road, it’s rather more economical than a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and looks positively eco-friendly compared to a Hummer. The prototype at the NextFest exhibition cost its inventor Paul Moller, $200 million and 40 years of work…Production of 300 M400 Skycars is expected to begin early May 2007 in Jordan. [more]
While this is a great oppertunity for Jordan’s manufacturing industry to be launched to the foreground of the economic world, I wish it were true. Happy april fools everybody!Posted In: Jordan


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