RIP Arab Summit 2005

We Hardly Knew Yee!

Heck I thought it was Wednesday today. I must’ve slept through the whole thing. Anyways, if you missed it, you missed nothing. Jordan’s initial propsal concerning re-newing the Beruit 2002 initiative was rejected with outrage, then considered, then rejected, then looked at over a mid-afternoon snack of jelly donuts and coffee, then rejected again, then looked at once more, than changed back to the saudi initiative title, then accepted, then tethered on the brink of rejection…and well you know how the rest goes.

Keywords made famous by the summit?

Let’s see:

Dismissive, Aversion, Disunity, Rejection, Empty-handed, and of course…Idiots and Israteen

And the Jordanian proposal? what became of that?

And while the discussion waged on about Israel, peace plans, settlements, and UN resolutions…well…the US accepted the settlements, yeah that’s right, the same ones Amnesty International deems unlawful, and meanwhile the UN praised Israel for improving in human rights

So how are things looking for next year’s summit?

Emad Hajjaj says it all:

Your Two Piasters: