Mostafa’s Everest

I know by now there’s a whole bunch of people posting the recent Jordan Times article about Mostafa Mahmoud Salameh’s attempt to be the first Jordanian (and Arab) to climb Mount Everest. Jordan Times has done several features on him which I’ve read with interest. Though I thought to myself, heck, this man deserves a lot more than just a post. So I thought it would be nice to find out about this great role model which I have read only articles about this past year, and introduce him to the world, to Jordan or at the very least to the local blogosphere.

So ladies and gents…in his own words:

â??The idea first crossed my mind during a visit to India in 2001. But when I found out that no Arab has done it before, I decided that I’m definitely doing it,â? [daily star]

I have a DREAM! ! That is to be the first Jordanian to reach the summit of Mount Everest. My idea is to make the story of â??My Journey to Everest!â?? I want to tell the story of my part in an expedition to conquer Everest. I want to be able to relay my thoughts to the world about my feelings and experiences from the most amazing mountains in the world. I believe that all Arabs would follow my story with great interest, but it would be of interest to many people all over the world.

My name is Mostafa Mahmoud; I was born in Kuwait and finished High School there, before moving to Jordan to take a degree in Accommodation Management. I am now thirty-three years old and for most of the last ten years have been working and studying in Great Britain.

Recently whilst back in Jordan, watching the new Arab T.V. stations, I realised that documentaries are becoming extremely popular with viewers of all ages. However, all of these documentaries seem to be made by American or British television and presented by Western English speaking presenters.

My idea is to produce a documentary, presented in Arabic, telling the story of “My Journey to Everest”. I believe that the young generation in the Middle East today, want to learn. Learn about different religions, different cultures and different ways of life to their own. They need to open their minds to a bigger world. Also, I think that in the present fragile political climate between East and West, this could be of interest to Television companies all over the world. A programme shown from the Arab perspective presented by a young educated Arab conveying his thoughts and feelings to the viewers would be of great interest to all.

I have had many years interacting and communicating with people from all walks of life, I have travelled extensively over the past few years and experienced everyday life with many people and cultures. I spent some months in 2001 travelling in India, Kashmir, Nepal and Tibet. I have spent three months in the Himalayas and climb to â??Chandartal Lakeâ? 22.000 feet above sea level; I have many photos from this trip that I could provide to you anytime. I have lived and worked in England, Scotland and Ireland. I gained a B.A. Honours Degree from Edinburgh University in 2000,in Hospitality and International Tourism. I am presently employed as Assistant Food and Beverage Manager at The Sheraton Grand Hotel, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have many and varied hobbies and interests. I read extensively on all manner of subjects, from Shakespeare, Al Rommi to Kipling to modern day writers such as Paulo Coelho. I love all kinds of music from all over the world. I have studied the Japanese and French languages, and can use International Sign Language. I am an experienced and qualified scuba diver and have dived in the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and in India. I have studied philosophy, psychology and Greek mythology. I am a qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. I also have an Intermediate Bodyguard qualification.

Please help make my dream a reality by sponsoring “My Journey to Everest”

Mostafa Mahmoud

Mera PeakVenus, Mars and shiny Stars send you back to sleep
The Sun rising melting the Huge Snowy Peaks, Causing a Running Silvery Streams
Willow Trees hanging out all over my dreams
My Mind is high, melted, milky clear and happy to awake
My Heart full of Joy, laughter, beating on base and thirst to a perfect day
NO, Come back! The sleeping bag calls for the warmth my body left

NO, I have to go I said:, Everest is calling me
My Everest is fresh and ruddy to be known among a thousand peaks
His peak is golden, purest gold
His looks are palm fronds
And white as the cotton
His ridge are doves at a pool of water
Bathed in milk, at rest on a pool
His south face are bed of spices
banks sweetly scented
His cravas are lilies, distilling pure myrther
His North face are golden rounded set with Jewels of Palestine
His belly a block of ivory covered with sapphires.
The Sleeping Bag Zip will start to open
God is my heart…


You can find it all and more, here at Mostafa’s website. Here’s an interesting feature done on him by the ScotsmanI wanted to say, I think what this man is trying to do is an act of great significance and I know there are many out there, many whom I’ve spoken to myself, who disagree or at least don’t see the significance. But it is. While most capabable Jordanians are squandering money in cafes and complaining about the country, this guy’s out there doing something. He is making a giant ripple in a small pond and our youth needs to be inspired on any level. We have very little to hold on to in this region we live in, and while sometimes it can be our greatest foe, Pride is our greatest sustenance.

From his ability to think outside the box and create a home grown documentary film during this heroic and daring ascension of Everest, just shows what this man is made of. He is truly a role model and his story should be told.

I pray for 3 things

1- That you will return to us safely God willing
2- That you will allow us, if only for a moment, to raise our heads high as Arabs, Jordanians and Muslims
3- That upon your return you tell your inspiring story to our youth. We are in dire need of your kind.

Best of Luck

Your Two Piasters: