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Man in Letterman Plot Arrested in Montana”HELENA, Mont. – Authorities have arrested a man on allegations he was plotting to kidnap David Letterman’s young son and nanny from the talk-show host’s Montana home

Sally Hilander, a spokeswoman for the Montana Department of Corrections, identified the suspect â?? who was under state supervision for a previous crime â?? as Kelly A. Frank.

The plot was uncovered when someone whom Frank had approached about the plan informed local police, Hilander said. Frank was in custody on a felony charge of solicitation.

Mike Ferriter of the state Department of Corrections said Frank, 43, was arrested Sunday and arraigned Thursday. He had been working as a painter at Letterman’s ranch west of Choteau in northcentral Montana, Ferriter said.

….For years, Letterman was famously targeted by a stalker, who called herself “Mrs. David Letterman” and broke into his Connecticut house at least seven times.

Margaret Ray eventually pleaded guilty to breaking and entering. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, she served 10 months in prison and 14 months in a mental institution. In 1998, she committed suicide at age 46 by kneeling in front of a train.” [more]

Although I never understood the concept of “stalking” celebrities (unless your mentally ill) but it’s another thing to kidnap the little kid.Hopefully this news won’t delay the show, otherwise my #6 on the 20.5 things list is going to be issued a raincheck. Yet another reason to Procrastinate Now!

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