Jews Aim 2 Conquer Haram Al-Sharif

Jewish ‘plot over Temple Mount’

Jewish extremists are plotting to take over the Temple Mount in an attempt to thwart Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza, an Israeli TV station has reported.

Channel Two showed a video of the plotters, including rabbis and far-right extremists, in a meeting to discuss ways to occupy the holy site.

The Temple Mount is known as the Haram al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary) to Muslims.

The meeting took place at a secret location in the Old City of Jerusalem, the TV station said.

It involved representatives from 30 different groups.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei has appealed to Israel to stop any action against the compound.

“We warn that the region will explode if there is any attack against al-Aqsa,” Mr Qurei told reporters.

Large numbers of Israeli police were deployed around the Temple Mount compound in mid-February for fear of an attack by Jewish extremists…. [more]

[in another article…]

“We must bring 100,000 people to the site,â? said a rabbi identified as Chen Eliahu in the video of the meeting.

“We must conquer the Temple Mount to abort the withdrawal plan. If 50,000 people go to the Temple Mount, our Father in heaven will see and the (Israeli) institutions will not be able to remain indifferent,” said another participant.

…According to the report, extremist Jews will hold a “dress rehearsal” on the Temple Mount, or the Jerusalem mosques complex, the third holiest site for Muslims, in three weeks time… [more]


3rd Intifada anyone?

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