20 1/2 Things

Alright, lemme start one before it really catches on and i look like the lame duck at the party. So, through 43 things, via roba(and far away), by way of subzero blue, here are my lifetime goals that are mixed into both short and long term, depending on whenever I get my lazy ass to doing them (or attempting to) and of course, ultimatly, the will of God. So, drumroll please…in no particular order (other than the order they popped into my head)

1. Memorize the Quran
2. Make a mark in the Jordan political arena
3. Read at least one book a week
4. Forgive more, forget less
5. Use the word “touche” while twirling the tip of an imaginary moustache, at least once a year
6. Write one joke for David Lettermen’s Top 10 list to get a damn Late Show mouspad
7. Destroy at least one computer out of a moment of pure frustration
8. Build the largest public library in the middle east
9. Write a children’s book about Islam
10. Take a boat ride through the venetian canal
11. Voice a character on the Simpsons
12. Earn an mba & phd (russian black market purchased if necessary)
13. Master a Christopher Walken impersonation
14. Learn to garden
15. Learn 3rd, 4th, and 5th languages (french, italian, spanish)
16. Decrease level of stubborness
17. Build a mosque
18. Wear the brightest clashy neon green suit in public, at least once
19. Watch the sun rise in wadi rum
20. Fall asleep to the sound of the Red Sea

    Bonus: 20.5. Solve the middle east conflict (if there’s time)

    Your Two Piasters: