More Valuable Than a Palestinian?

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Im not a professional translator, but for the English natives the article describes a funeral held for an Israeli military dog who was trained to be vicious in attacking Palestinians. He was used in an operation by the Israeli military to weed out the martyr behind the televiv bombings a few weeks ago. The man shot the dog as it entered into the house to attack him and then fired on the israelies outside who shelled the building and demolished it completly. His body was found in the rubble and the people living in the building left their homes before it was destroyed.

What’s strange is that no sooner had this occurred, the israeli media has been all over this incident with the death of a dog. To the point that 15 minutes of news was dedicated to the death of the dog, bringing in a military dog expert and the dog’s “partner”. The report on the news stated that the military had returned joyful over the success of the operation but it was incomplete due to the death of their beloved dog.

In honor of the dog, the k-9 unit held a ceremonial funeral. 20 Israeli dogs have been killed in the last 4 years (since the 2nd intifada).

sigh* so if all of this was done over a dog, what chance does a palestinian have? When dogs are used in such a manner and mourned in such a manner what message does this send out to the common palestinian under occupation? Are they expecting to be treated any better; being made less than a dog?

vicious attack dogs used in a military, trained to attack palestinians? does this remind someone of another time, another place, another people and another dog?

No, not Iraq…somewhere else. Didn’t a nation train dogs specificially to attack a certain people? Hmm I can’t seem to recall. From an older article about dogs in Israel…”Some experts believe Jews are burdened by their unhappy history with the beasts. “Our problem is that the use of dogs by us immediately invokes memories of the Holocaust, because the Nazis used dogs in the concentration camps,” veteran trainer Nir Harman told Israel’s mass-circulation daily Yedioth Ahronoth. Palestinians are also uncomfortable with canine culture, shunning the animals because Islam considers them unclean.”

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