Ethnic Cleansing 101

What happened to the 2,000 year old village of Lifta? On the outskirts of Jerusalem it was once home to 2,550 Palestinians and hundreds of olive trees; and now? Now Lifta’s fate is 243 villas (each 200 m2), a hotel, museum, Synagogue, and a trendy mall for high-priced Israeli crafts and other goods.

Lifta is one of hundreds of Palestinian villages (what is considered ‘historic palestine’) which were practically wiped off the map. It’s history since 1948 is that of depopulation and ethnic cleansing. to pave the way for Israeli settlers

Now, some of its refugee villagers are allowed to return once a year to recall the events that took place in 1948 and to re-tell the struggle.

Now, all that remains will soon be cleared away by Israel settlement plans.

They paved paradise…

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