Art Imititates Life

It appears that in the bleak future that is the Middle East we may finally be getting our own super heroes. Aya, Zein, Jalila and Rakan are all comic book characters in an Egyptian based comic book.As a kid I grew up with the likes of X-men, Spiderman, Batman, and Superman, so I think this is a bold cultural move. Finally! Superhumans who are not Caucasian! (although I’ve heard Iron Man is African American). I also noticed that it lacks just a little…shall we saysubtlety?

Take for instance the following:

– The heroes are entrusted with keeping the region out of the hands of evil following “55 years of war between two unnamed super powers”

– The heroes’ enemies include the “United Liberation Force” and the “Zios Army”

– Both enemies want complete control the “City of All Faiths.”

Mr Nashar (AK Comics’ managing editor) said that this was “not deliberate – but it’s hard not to be inspired by what is going on. It’s part of our life – art from life, and life from art,” he said [more ]

Now there’s something I can agree with. There is finally a cultural outlet to showcase political and social strife in a region of the world where there is plenty of it. Logic suggests there are probably more interesting story lines in Palestine then there are in Gotham City or Metropolis.
Now all we need is a Harry Potter…hmmLastly, it should be noted that the characters are 2 males and 2 females, both equal in powers, and one, Jalila, is the most powerful hero: the Saviour of City of All Faiths

Well that’s one good thing to read on International Women’s Day.

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