Hani Mulki & The Prisoners of Azkaban

“The prisoners yesterday began the strike and issued a statement demanding their release and insisting they would not rescind regardless of consequences.

Held in around seven Israeli jails on â??political and security offences,â? the 20 prisoners â?? including four who were sentenced to life before the 1994 peace treaty â?? called on human rights activists and all â??those with a conscienceâ? to help them.

Other Palestinian and Arab prisoners held in the jails have reportedly joined the strike. Prisoners would live on water and salt during the strike, which, they said, was also in protest against the government’s â??failure in performing its national dutyâ? to ensure their release, according to Ajlouni.

He added that expressing â??solidarity with the prisoners and their familiesâ? by the government was not enough.” [Jordan Times]

When you form a political and national policy that prioritizes Jordanian interests first then it should be followed through. Otherwise we’re just wasting public money on “Jordan First” look-alike campaigns.

This issue should be Mr. Mulki’s number one priority come Saturday. The ambassador has been returned and a planned visit has been scheduled, it’s time for the other party to show a few good faith measures.

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