Moments of Greatness

The Oscars seem to be the only award worth recieving on planet Earth, and I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Last night was not an exciting Oscars to say the least. Chris Rock did a pretty good job at insulting alot of people that could make and break his career. Everyone from the president to the academy members. I think he was scared more of insulting Oprah than anything else. I do however miss Billy Crystal’s opening musical numbers for some reason. Chris Rock managed to make the show “blacker” (if there is such a thing). The Oscars has always been seen as this high scale red carpet elitist event, and Rock tried to bring it down a notch to remind everyone it was about the people.

The only awards worth waiting for the last ones, specifically Best Actor and Picture. I think winning an Oscar for being the best actor is such a defining moment. We have so little of these moments these days, let alone ones that are televised to 1 billion people around the world. Foxx experienced that moment last night when he won. Like his Golden Globe speech, he offered some comedy, some imitation (of sidney poitier), some thanks, and he spoke of his grandmother. It’s moments like those, delivering such a speech, that I wish I could experience it.

I kinda felt sorry for the Aviator. So many nominations and such a blockbuster, that was easily outdone by eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby. Scorsese was practically honored all through the night from people thanking him as they got their awards. Oh well. Maybe Taxi Driver II will get him one.

I’m still dreaming of a day when arabs make such calibre movies and invade the Oscars.

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