Times Like These

A Stitch in Time (Saves Nine)
A Wrinkle in Time
Better Late than Never.
Time Flies
Youâ??re just in time
It’s All a Matter of Time
All in good time
Let the Good Times Roll
Making Every Minute Count
Never As Good As the First Time
Definitely not the last time
Never In A Million Years
Not One Minute More
Once Upon A Time
One Moment In Time
Time Will Tell
Remember The Time?

Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Sooner Or Later
Spending Time
Killing Time
Wasting time
Taking Time
Making time
Keeping time
For the last time!
Just like Dali’s Persistance of Time
Or was it absence of Time?
Speaking of timeâ?¦

It was the Best Of Times
it was the Worst of Times
The good times
All those other times
The Next Time?
There Was A Time
Thereâ??s No Time Like The Present
Till The End Of Time
Time After Time
Time Is Money
Time Is On My Side
Too much time On My Hands
Time Waits For No One
Too Late To Turn Back Nowâ?¦
Turn Back the Hands of Time
Time heals all wounds
Except the ones you pick

Take your time
Change with the time
Just one more time
From time to time
Itâ??s your time to shine
Time moves
Side to sideâ?¦
Time is running out
Time is up
Time to pay the piper
Itâ??s about time

Its times like these…







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