Wrinkles of Time

Once upon a weary night
I was left alone to my demise
Covered there in chronic stories
Lines of words that read across the eyes

On the floor and staring brightly
Ceiling is a galaxy of stars
Thinking twice and thinking over
Posters bring no solace for these scars

Staring God inside the darkness
Deciding on the perfect words to say
In the picture, nurse in the moment
Decadence and thinning strands of gray

What you forfeit tomorrow
Is foregone today
The relics of hours
Of midsummer days

August is beautiful
In that certain light
In the company of angels
On such weary nights

When the cupboards are empty
And itâ??s too late to rewind
Apathy is waiting
In the calm of my mind…

Where the wrinkles of time come alive

Your Two Piasters: