Paper Poets

Across the clouds, sovaldi bayberry June
I etch her name on sunken moons
Paint the world in chamomile and lime

Marigolds and daffodils
Spread across these aging hills
The rhythmic waves of indigo & thyme

My paper boats on watered coats
Sail through currents down the riverâ??s throat
To the ocean; swallow canvas green

Nutmeg roads to Avalon
Pray the paths I have foregone
Align the stars between her omniscient eyes

Search behind horizon lines
Choose my roads and memorize
The ocean filled with emptied river tides

A student of the undertow
of Kafka, cialis sale Twain and old Roussou
Khalil Jibran, bergamot and rain

Persian poets serenade
Unveil the tide, this masaqurade
My paper boats may return from across the plane

Your Two Piasters: