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Ongoing Maintenance Please Excuse The Mess

Just a quick note: As I get back into blogging and getting used to this new space, there will be technical difficulties. There will be glitches. There’s a long list of things that need to get done, and I’m working on it to the best of my limited WordPress abilities. If you see something that […]


How To Support Amman’s First Community Built Skatepark

Over the years, the skateboarding culture in Amman has grown bit by bit. Seeing young Jordanians careening through Thaqafa st., in Shmisani on a midday afternoon has become a common sight, and a reminder that there are emerging subcultures battling their way past the mainstream. The people behind the country’s first skateboarding company, Philadelphia Skateboards and the German […]


When Jordan Cancelled Halloween

The No-Halloween-For-You conversation has been interesting to watch online in the past 24 hours. It tests a lot of assumptions, and speaks to the larger societal contradictions, ironies and catch-22s that we as Jordanians have been smothered by in recent years. Here are a few random thoughts on the matter: – On one side of […]


How To Help Gaza From Jordan

With the Israeli attack on Gaza ongoing, and the death toll continuing to climb to over 700; between the headlines and the imagery, there is a fusion of emotions ranging from anger and frustration, to empathy and helplessness that I’m sure most Jordanians can relate to. While there’s little that can be done with the […]

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